Access Management#

Access management provides you the ability to grant permissions to different user accounts to resources in your environment. Resources are the apps that your organization has entitled for use. Roles control the functions in those services that will be visible when the specified user account sign-ins to FactoryTalk Hub.

From the Hub Manager page, navigate down the list to Access Management and Click OPEN. The Access Management page displays. On this page, you can add or remove access for Users, as well as view a list of Users to whom access has been granted. You can edit an existing user account’s access by selecting the desired user account in the Access Management list, and redefining their Resource Type, Resource, and Role as needed.

To grant access to a user account#

  1. Click the ADD ACCESS button.

  2. Enter the name of the user account you would like to add in the search bar.

  3. Select the desired Resource Type, Resource, and Role from the pull-down menus. The available options are:

    • Resource Type

      • Tenant

      • Service

    • Resource

      • Personal Tenant (if Tenant is selected as the Resource Type)

      • Vault (if Service is selected as the Resource Type)

    • Role

      • Administrator

      • Contributor

  4. Click ADD to add access for the user account.

  5. Click SAVE to save your changes.

To remove access from a user account#

  1. On the Access Management page, use the search bar or navigate through the Users list to find the User you would like to remove.

  2. In the User’s list, click the REMOVE button to the right of the User’s name.