FactoryTalk Hub Release Notes#

November 2021#


  • Portal Menu — The Portal Menu is used to create and join organizations as well as configure access management, entitlements, user invitations.

  • Entitlements — Entitlements add different services to your organization.

  • Invitations — Invite others to participate in your organization

  • Organizations — Organizations are collections of services, users, and resources that can be accessed and managed using FactoryTalk Hub.

  • Notifications — Alerts about activity that occurs in your organization.

  • Access Management — Grant permissions to different user accounts to resources in your environment and define the user account’s role in the organization.


If you encounter issues using FactoryTalk Hub, please report them using the feedback form accessible from the main menu under Help > Feedback.

Please use the documentation feedback form to let us know about improvements we could make to the Help.

As issues are reported and fixed, they will be listed in the release notes.