Protections against unauthorized domain change#

Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router supports all the security standards of the FactoryTalk Remote Access platform. Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router features an additional security level to protect the installer and the end user against unauthorized domain change attempts.

Once the Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router is initially registered with a domain, the FactoryTalk Remote Access server infrastructure stores the details of the registration as a binding and blocks any attempt to change the domain without an administrator using FactoryTalk Remote Access. This security block is useful in the event that a router is restored to factory settings with the intent to bypass the correct procedure.

If someone other than an administrator attempts to change the domain registration or reset the router the Server/USB FRONT PANEL LED flashes red twice to signal that an attempt was made to change the router configuration and every operation is blocked.


Restoring the functionality of a Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router in the domain change alert state requires direct contact with technical assistance.

Remove and move devices#

A device associated to a domain can be deleted at any time and moved, if required, to another domain.

To delete a device from a domain, click once on the device icon and execute the delete command from the menu.

After the device has been removed, the router can be registered to a new domain.