The Explorer section of the FactoryTalk Remote Access service lets you navigate through the domain’s components. There are three views that you can use:

  • Domain view - Like components are grouped together into folders automatically. Each folder can contain three different types of elements: devices, users/groups and firewall policies. Within the component folder, if there are multiple instances of an element type a subfolder to contain them is created automatically. Use this view to add devices, create subdomains, create and import firewall policies, create groups, add users to groups, and set permissions.

  • Devices view - The devices registered to the domain are displayed in a table that you can sort and filter to respond to notifications from different devices.

  • Map view -The devices registered to the domain are located on a geographic map that can be used to navigate between different regions and associated devices.

Use the toggles on the Domain View and Devices View toolbar to filter which resources are displayed.

  • To display resources that have active remote assistance requests, toggle on assistance needed Assistance needed toggle.

  • To display resources that are currently online, toggle on online Online resource toggle.

Use the topics in this section to become familiar with using the Explorers in the FactoryTalk Remote Access web app.