Devices view#

From the main screen, click Devices to display the grid view of the devices registered to the domain.

The table view of the devices represents all the domain elements in a grid format with several columns.

The width of each column can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the vertical separation line between the columns.

The order of the columns in the grid can be changed by dragging-and-dropping the column title.

If some columns are not visible, a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window is visible and can be used to scroll to the additional columns.

The table can be sorted based on the columns’ contents; to sort the table according to a column contents click the column title.

Any customizations made to the grid view are retained and applied to all FactoryTalk Remote Access sessions.


Customizations are not linked to a user sign-in.

Right-click the row to view all the device commands:

  • VPN

  • Update

  • Locate in Domain

  • Locate in Map

  • Move

  • Edit

  • Remove