FactoryTalk Vault Release Notes#

December 2022#

New features#

  • Users can now upload any file type to Vault.

  • Twin Studio

    • Users can open files directly from Studio 5000 Logix Designer, Emulate3D, and Arena, or from the associated project file in FactoryTalk Vault.

    • Files edited in these applications can be synced with FactoryTalk Vault.

    • A history of changes in FactoryTalk Vault shows when and where projects were edited.

October 2022#

New features#

  • Trash - Users can delete and recover projects and solutions from trash.

  • Notes - Notes are mandatory to aid Version Control of the projects.

  • Safety analysis - We provide safety details page for safety systems which includes 1756 Safety I/O modules configuration.

  • New premium subscriptions - premium subscriptions provide access to the project analysis feature, additional vault storage, and expanded user roles. Premium user roles are:

    • Premium Viewer

    • Premium Consumer

    • Premium Contributor

    • Premium Admin

Enhanced features#

  • Enhanced vault storage - All organizations have basic vault storage of 2 gigabytes (Gb) that is shared by all users in the organization. If your organization requires additional storage, you can purchase additional entitlements. Each entitlement added to your organization provides another 50Gb of vault storage.

  • Support for organizations - Users are able to access organization Vaults.

  • History - History is enhanced to allow user to view and compare text based versions of projects with our comparison tool.

  • Enhanced basic user roles - The basic administrator and contributor roles have been expanded in this release. Basic roles available are:

    • Basic Viewer

    • Basic Consumer

    • Basic Contributor

    • Basic Admin

  • Project views - Projects can now be viewed as either cards, a list, or a table.

  • Project sort and filter - Projects in a solution can be sorted based on name, type, status, and date last updated. Once a sort method is selected, the projects can be filtered to reduce the projects listed to ones that match the specified criteria.

  • Project properties left pane - Project properties are now automatically shown in the left pane when the project is selected.

July 2022#

Enhanced features#

  • Vault navigation pane - The vaults and solutions that you can access are displayed in a left navigation pane so that you can easily move between your personal tenant and your organizations.

June 2022#

New features#

  • Objects analysis page - Details about the Add-On Instructions (AOIs), User-defined Data Types (UDTs), and String definitions are now available. Select Details on the Objects analysis card to see data tables and relationship graphs for each object in the project.

April 2022#

New features#

  • Add-On Instructions analysis page - The add-on instructions (AOIs) included in the project are displayed in a table for easier comparison and inspection of the different properties and configurations


    AOIs encrypted or signed using Logix Designer source code protection cannot be analyzed with the same level of detail due to the inability to decode the instruction. In this situation, there will be limited information displayed in the analysis page.

  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer version 34.00 support - You can now upgrade projects to the latest version of Logix Designer.

Corrected anomalies and exceptions#

The following list identifies the anomalies and exceptions corrected in the April 2022 release of FactoryTalk Vault:

ID Number



Program Composition table not reporting unscheduled programs correctly


Include message for maximum level of nesting on source protected/encrypted objects

March 2022#

New features#

  • Hardware solution analysis - Select two or more controller project files within a solution to view the analysis. This analysis provides a summary of the hardware used by the selected projects.

Limitations on solution hardware analysis#

  • The consuming controllers present on the I/O tree may not reflect their actual catalog number, therefore they may be duplicated on the solution hardware table.

  • Shared communication adapters and modules will be reported multiple times due to the specific configuration within the controller project file.

If a given catalog number is found more than once in different projects within the solution during the analysis a notification message will identify the project file names in which the catalog number was included.

Corrected anomalies and exceptions#

The following list identifies the anomalies and exceptions corrected in the March 2022 release of FactoryTalk Vault:

ID Number



Tag-based alarms do not load in the details table


The Interprocessor Communications analysis overview does not provide details when only messages are present


The Program Composition analysis does not properly recognize safety tasks.

February 2022#

New features#

  • PowerFlex Drive Hardware Analysis cards provide complete catalog identification numbers and list the number of drives in the project.

Enhanced features#

  • Improved graphics and user experience when interacting with the analysis cards.

  • When uploading projects to the vault, you can change the solution assignment from the upload page.

Corrected anomalies and exceptions#

The following list identifies the anomalies and exceptions corrected in the February 2022 release of FactoryTalk Vault:

ID Number



Solution Properties cannot be accessed when only a single project is within the solution.

January 2022#

New features#

  • Side panel for easy access and editing of information:

    • Vault properties panel

    • Solution properties panel

    • Project properties panel

    • Download panel

    • Notifications panel

Enhanced features#

  • Usability improvements when downloading FactoryTalk Vault projects.

    • Downloads are listed in the side panel

    • Download progress and status is reported dynamically in the side panel

Corrected anomalies and exceptions#

The following list identifies the anomalies and exceptions corrected in the January 2022 release of FactoryTalk Vault:

ID Number



Contact Support is not working

December 2021#

New features#

  • Solutions - Use solutions to group a set of projects together in your vault.

  • Additional download file formats - Logix Designer version 32.00 and later projects can be downloaded as AML or RDF files.

Enhanced features#

  • Usability improvements to FactoryTalk Vault navigation.

    • Options menu removed

    • Contextual menu added to provide easy access to Analysis, Upgrade, Download, Move, Delete, and Properties tasks.

    • Contextual menu items are dimmed when they are not available for the selection, quickly letting you know which tasks can be used with multiple selections.

  • Additional Inter-Processor Communications analysis details for the PLC-5/SLC500 and PLC2 tag mapping.

November 2021#

New features#

  • Bulk add of controller projects to the FactoryTalk Vault

  • Hardware Overview and Hardware analysis details

    • In the Hardware Overview, if a controller or IO card is safety-related the assigned slot in the chassis is colored red.

    • Select View Details from the Hardware Overview card to see the Hardware Analysis. The Hardware Analysis dashboard provides a quick overview of the hardware devices in the project. This dashboard displays the catalog number, description, firmware revision, vendor, and the number of devices.

  • Support of safety project conversion and analysis

  • Customer Feedback form

    • Click the Help icon and select Provide Feedback to send feedback to the FactoryTalk Design Hub team. You can send an enhancement request, report an issue, or provide general feedback. After typing your feedback in the form, click Submit to send it to the team. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Live Chat support

    • Click the Help icon and select Live Chat to chat directly with Rockwell Automation remote support about your issue.

Enhanced features#

  • Export of analysis data

  • Inter-Processor Communication analysis provides more information about the produced and consumed tags.

  • Downloading projects — You can now download multiple projects at once. For example, you can select five projects that have been uploaded and converted to version 33 and then select to download all five projects as ACD files. When multiple files are downloaded, they must all support the same file type. If there is not a common file type available between the projects selected, then the Download as option is not available.

  • Deleting projects — You can now delete multiple projects at once. Simply select the projects and then select Delete. You will be asked to confirm deletion. If you want, you can select all projects and delete them.

  • Exporting analysis information — In the previous release, only certain types of analysis information could be exported from the dashboard to an XLS or CSV file. Now all analysis information can be exported and downloaded.

  • Expanded file status information — If an issue is encountered with an uploaded file an information icon appears next to the file status. Click this icon to view additional details about the issue.

  • Expanded safety information — Safety-related hardware is denoted by a red slot in the chassis depiction of the hardware overview. When a project includes safety-related hardware, a Safety overview card and Safety analysis details are provided to let you review the safety configuration aspects of the project. From the Safety card you can view and copy the Safety Signature ID and view the Safety Tag Mapping.

  • User Interface refinements to improve readability

    • The legend of the Tag Summary overview was realigned.

    • The Alarms Analysis dashboard was refined to show groups of tag-based alarms and alarm definitions by alarm owner.

    • The Program Composition Details table was refined to show the programs within a task.

    • The Routine Details table was refined to show the routines within a program.

    • The Motion Details table was refined to distinguish scheduled axes from unassigned axes.

Corrected anomalies and exceptions#

The following list identifies the anomalies and exceptions corrected in the October 2021 release of FactoryTalk Vault:

ID Number



FactoryTalk Vault error message does not contain enough information


FactoryTalk Vault creates a duplicate project when a project is uploaded


Projects list does not resize correctly to narrow screen widths


Edit project settings dialog does not display the current project name and description


FactoryTalk Design Tools does not always load after signing in to FactoryTalk Hub


Logging out of FactoryTalk Vaults does not sign out of MyRockwell account


Notification displayed after creating an organization incorrectly states “Solution Created”


Upgrade of safety locked project enabled unauthorized controller changes.


Safety protected files fail to upgrade.


Inconsistent static object display on mobile devices.


Selected projects not cleared on Delete/Upgrade.


Performance lags during analysis of projects with extremely large data sets.


Project upload progress bar triggers resize.


EULA text truncated on some browsers.


Project analysis does not load for project.


Delete project deleted incorrect project after the list refreshed.

April 2021#

First public release of FactoryTalk Hub!


Usage notes#

When working with FactoryTalk Hub, be aware of the following considerations:

  • Regional service support — FactoryTalk Hub services have not been deployed to all regions yet. If you are connecting from a region outside of North or South America, the upload, download, and analysis speed might be reduced.

  • Minimum design software version for project upgrades and analysis — Project files from RSLogix5000 and Studio 5000 Logix Designer can be uploaded to the vault. Projects from earlier versions of RSLogix 5000 can be upgraded to be compatible with later software releases. When choosing your upgrade version you can choose any version after RSLogix5000 version 16 through the latest release of Studio 5000 Logix Designer. Projects cannot be downgraded.

  • Restrictions on safety-locked projects — Safety-locked projects cannot be modified. Unlock the project in Studio 5000 Logix Designer to upgrade it to a later version.

  • Limitations of source protected content — Source protection restricts the amount of data that can read from the files.

  • Impact of large projects on upload, analysis, and conversion — The amount of time it takes to upload, analyze, and convert a project is directly related to the size of the project.

  • Supported browsers — FactoryTalk Hub has been designed for modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Older browsers, such as Internet Explorer, might not function as expected.


If you encounter issues using FactoryTalk Hub, please report them using the feedback form accessible from the main menu under Help > Feedback.

Please use the documentation feedback form to let us know about improvements we could make to the Help.

As issues are reported and fixed, they will be listed in the release notes.