Remote USB Connection#

FactoryTalk Remote Access can make a USB device connected to a remote device available.

Enabling Remote USB

FactoryTalk Remote Access setup copies a component called USB Network Gate to your computer. Said component is required to support remote USB port virtualization and USB pass-through.

After the USB component is installed, it is disabled by default until enabled.


If prompted for the user account you want to use to run the program, select the current user and uncheck the associated check box.

Using the Remote USB

Activation of the VPN connection is required to connect to remote USB devices.

Once the VPN connection is active, click the USB tab to open the virtual USB port configuration window. The window displays name of the local computer, name of the remote device the VPN channel was opened with, a numeric and visual indication of the round trip time between FactoryTalk Remote Access and the remote device and a table displaying the devices connected to the remote device’s USB ports. The USB Port configuration window has these fields:

  • Name: The name of the device

  • Type: The device type, for example HID (Human Interface Device) or Wireless Controller

  • Status: The remote USB port connection status, either
    • Unmounted

    • Mounting…

    • Mounted

  • Action: Click to connect (Mount) or disconnect (Unmount) a USB device.

To use a remote USB device, click the Mount link and wait for the status to change from Mounting… to Mounted. Once mounted the tunnel with the remote USB device is active and the connected device can be used by the applications.


When a remote device is connected locally, it is no longer available on the remote computer; it is not possible to simultaneously access a USB device locally and remotely.

To disconnect a connected USB device, click Unmount and wait for the status to change to Unmounted. After it unmounts, the USB device will be accessible from the remote device.


The proper operation of the USB pass-through is strongly dependent on the quality of the Internet connection on FactoryTalk Remote Access and Runtime sides.

Mounting of a USB mass storage device is not supported.

Only 10 USB devices can be connected simultaneously.