Map view#

In the Map view you can see the domain devices located on a geographic map.

Each device is positioned on the map using a location icon, either a pushpin for a single device or a circle for a group of devices that share the same public IP address. The circle icon displays the number of device at that location.

The location icon provides these visual status indicators:

  • Green color - all devices are online

  • Grey color - all devices are offline

  • Half green/ Half grey color - some devices are online, others are offline.

When a location icon is selected, it is highlighted and a combo box appears above the map that lists the associated devices in alphabetical order, prioritizing those online and then those offline.

To change the location of a single device, after selecting it in either the Domain or Devices view and then edit the device settings to update the Location.


Group locations cannot be edited. If a group location is incorrect, the location of each device in the group must be edited.