Device setup#

The Device setup app locates devices within your system and permits you to configure them to support remote access services.

Device setup app#

FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime software has been designed to reduce manual configuration and has few mandatory settings.

There are no additional settings required for the configuration of the VPN or the Ethernet interfaces. All basic settings for these features are defined in the factory defaults.

Configuration is required for these settings: network interfaces IP addresses, connection mode, and domain registration.

To locate the device and launch the configuration screens use the Device setup app:

  1. In the FactoryTalk Remote Access web app, click Tools > Device setup.


    If you have not already downloaded the VPN app, you will be prompted to download it.

  2. You will be asked to permit the service to open the Settings Applet. Select the Always allow checkbox to not prompt again during this session. If you use a different computer or a different browser, you will see this prompt again. This permission applies to all the FactoryTalk Remote Access tools.

  3. Select Open Device Setup Applet.

  4. In the applet enter the device credentials.


When setting up Stratix 4300 Remote Access routers, the username of the router is always admin and cannot be changed. The default password is admin and is changed during the initial configuration.

  1. Click Next.

    • The Routers found list displays the routers in your domain that have a password matching the one specified.

    • The Devices found lists display other devices, such as panels and computers, in your domain that have a password matching the one specified.


Using a password strategy that links password assignment to configuration stage can be an efficient way of provisioning devices in your environment. After configuration is complete, use unique passwords for each device.

  1. Select a device from the list and click Configure to open the configuration pages for that device.