Factory settings and identification#

The factory settings for the Ethernet interfaces are shown in the following table.


IP address

Subnet mask




Access to the Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router configuration requires authentication using a dedicated user name and password to help protect it from unauthorized access.

The default user name is admin. This user name cannot be changed.

The default password is admin. Change this password immediately after installing the router.


The protection provided by Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router user name and password is completely independent from the authentication and authorization of domain user accounts. The Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router user account and password provide local device protection.

Information about the factory default settings is printed on a label on the outside of the Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router.

The MAC addresses assigned to the two network interfaces of the Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router are included in the information label.


The 2-port Stratix 4300 Remote Access router includes two network ports, a LAN port and a WAN port. Both ports support statically assigned IP addresses. However, If the LAN port is disconnected, the statically assigned IP address will not be used for VPN connections to the router. Instead a virtual IP address is created for use during the VPN session. In this situation the FactoryTalk Remote Access service device information displays both the statically assigned IP address and the virtual IP address. However, the Stratix device configuration only displays the virtual IP address because this is the IP address that is active during the session. If the LAN port is later connected to the network using a network cable inserted into the LAN port, the statically configured IP address will be used. The same behavior applies for the 4-port Stratix 4300 when the LAN port is configured to take the IP address from a DHCP server and the DHCP server cannot be contacted by the router, so the LAN has no IP.