Managing permissions#

FactoryTalk Remote Access allows you to define permissions for devices, groups, and individual users accounts. By assigning devices, groups, and user accounts to folders they inherit the permissions defined by that folder. You can also assign permissions directly to devices.

Sub-folders within your domain are called subdomains. They are useful for setting up specific access control settings for different business units, regions, or operations as appropriate for your environment. Rules assigned to sub-folders and individual devices take precedence over rules in the folder that contains them.

Permissions for a certain user account in a group can be changed from those in the group to which it belongs by specifying an exception.

The permissions granted to users and groups are assigned in terms of their profiles.

Select the folder or device for which you need to set access rules then expand the Permission settings in the right pane of the Domain view. The list of groups and users with permissions defined (granted or denied) on the selected element (folder or device). If you have selected a device rather than a folder, the list will be related to the single element.

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