Getting Started with FactoryTalk Hub#

Welcome to FactoryTalk Hub!

Get started by either creating an organization or joining an existing organization.

The organization you belong to controls the services available to you in FactoryTalk Hub.


FactoryTalk Hub uses your myRockwell user profile to authenticate your access and determine your organization. You can be a member of more than one organization.

After your account has been authenticated, your browser will display the FactoryTalk Hub Home screen. Panels will be displayed that identify the services entitled for your use.

The organizational administrator can use the Portal Menu to add an entitlement, manage the FactoryTalk Hub subscription, define resources, create user profiles, and invite additional users to the organization.


If the link isn’t visible, you aren’t logged in as an organizational administrator.

To open a Service#

Click the panel for the service, such as FactoryTalk Design Tools or FactoryTalk Remote Access, to go to that service.

Click Home to return to the Home screen.

Each service has Getting Started information and help to assist you in learning how to perform different tasks.

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