Use the Connections section of the Audit view to query the FactoryTalk Remote Access service for auditing information about connections that can be downloaded for reporting purposes. The records returned by the query can be limited or targeted by supplying criteria in the query fields displayed.

In fields that allow you to type a name directly, you can specify all or part of a name. The query will return all records that include that criteria. For example, if users Tester1, Tester2, and Tester3 are connecting to the services, typing the word “Test” will still return all of the records, however, typing the number 2 will return only connections made by Tester2.

You can query using the following fields:

  • User account name - The user account that connected to the service.

  • Device - The remote device that connected to the FactoryTalk Remote Access service.

  • Date from - The start of the date range.

  • Date to - The end of the date range.

To query connections and download the results#

  1. Choose the fields on which you want to query. Make sure to specify the date range. Use additional fields to limit the records as desired.

    • Date from - Click the calendar icon and choose the first date from which you want to include connections records.

    • Date to - Click the calendar icon choose the late date from which you want to include connections records.

  2. Click Search. After the query is completed, records are displayed in the list below.

  3. Click the Download button download_image to download the records listed. You can choose either:

    • Copy to clipboard - Puts the records in the operating system clipboard where they can be pasted into a text editor or another program

    • Export CSV - Puts the records into a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The file is named Export.csv and is located in your default browser download file.

    • Export Excel -Puts the records into a standard Microsoft Excel format file (.xlsx). The is name Export.xlsx and is located in your default browser download file.


    The export file names will be numerically incremented if other files of the same name are present in the download directory.