FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime allows you to view and export Runtime logs and the list of activities executed during remote assistance sessions.

From the Log tab you can:

  1. Export Runtime logs in TXT format, containing the information displayed in the log window;

  2. Export the connection log for a given period of time by specifying a start date and an end date. The export will produce a CSV file of the activity logs recorded during the remote assistance sessions.

The operation logs recorded contain information about each connection made to the device and show the following information:




Name of the user that performed the operation

Domain name

Name of the domain to which the device is registered

Public IP

Public IP address of the remote device

Device name

Name of the device

Connection time

Date and time of the connection to the device

Disconnection time

Date and time of the disconnection from the device


Operation performed on the device


Date and time of the operation