Manual update of the system software#

Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router is a hardware device that uses this set of software components:

  • Operating system

  • Firmware

  • System Manager

  • Runtime

The actual versions of the software components are visible in the System information section of the Router Configuration screen.

Every Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router software component can be updated automatically through an update schedule. However, if needed you can perform a local update provided you have physical access to the device.

Local update#

Using FactoryTalk Remote Access you can choose to download updates when they are made available.

To execute an update, copy the installation executable file to the root folder of an USB stick; plug the USB stick into the Router USB port and cycle the power.

During the power up phase, the router recognizes the presence of the USB Stick with the update and it will immediately start the system software update procedure.

The LED indicators will signal the update progress, when the router recognizes a valid update and starts the update procedure the LED RESTART emits 3 green flashes; then during the update the flashes of the LED alternate red/green and as a conclusion of the procedure are re-emitted 3 green flashes.


Updated start

Update in progress

Update complete


3 green flashes

Alternating red/green flashes

3 green flashes

During the update the router will restart itself if needed.

No interaction is required during the update and the update is completed with an automatically activated system restart.


The duration of the update procedure can vary considerably from 1 minute to 5 minutes depending on the device and the number of software components involved. Do not manually switch off or reset the router during the upgrade procedure, as this could irreversibly compromise its usage.