Status and external commands#

The front panel of Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router has LEDs that indicate current device status and operations.

Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router has two digital inputs for external commands and two digital outputs for electrical signals.

LED indicators#

The LED indicators for Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router are:





Solid red

Active when pressing the RESTART button or when in presence of a non-recoverable hardware fault.


Solid green

Active when Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router is properly powered.


Solid green

Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router started and connected to FactoryTalk Hub.

Solid red

Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router started but NOT connected to FactoryTalk Hub.

Flashing green

Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router started and connecting to FactoryTalk Hub.

Flashing red

Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router started but not connected to FactoryTalk Hub because Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router has not yet been registered with a domain.

2 red flashes

A connection attempt was made to a different domain than the one to which Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router is registered. (see Protections against unauthorized domain change.

2 green flashes

Configuration from USB stick successfully completed.

2 red flashes

User credentials for domain access are not valid.

3 green flashes

Represents the start and finish of a router update from the USB stick. IMPORTANT: During the entire update phase the status indicator is flashing from red to green.

3 red flashes

The router update from the USB stick failed.

4 red flashes

Factory restore has started.

5 red flashes

An error occurred starting Stratix Remote Access. The system must be restarted.

6 red flashes

THE USB stick data format is not correct or has an unknown error.


Solid Green

Active when at least one FactoryTalk Remote Access session is connected to the router.



These indicators are directly connected to the serial port Rx/Tx signals and they show traffic going through the lines.


There are two commands designed for manual activation accessible from two buttons on the upper side of the device.




Force a device restart. Use this command to perform a complete re-initialization of all internal electronics and software. Press and release the restart button. The restart status indicator turns red. The indicator blinks green 4 times to indicate that the restart has been completed.


Use this command to reset Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router to factory default settings. All the settings are reset, all the system software is restored to the original version including the operating system, the firmware, and domain registrations (identity is removed). To perform the reset, turn off the device, press and hold down the reset button and then turn on the device. When the Server/USB status indicator is blinking in succession of 4 short blinks for at least 15 seconds, release the button. During the factory reset, the Server/USB indicator blinks green. This blink signals that the process is working. Wait until the process is automatically completed. If the router shuts down during this process, the factory reset is not completed. It will restart and continue the reset process. At the end of the reset process, the Server/USB indicator turns on and start to blink. When the indicator is no longer blinking, the reset is complete.


The duration of the update procedure can vary considerably from 1 minute to 5 minutes depending on the number of software components involved. It is essential that the device is not manually switched off or reset during the upgrade procedure, as this could irreversibly compromise its usage. In this situation, you should contact Rockwell Automation support:

Digital I/O#

There are 2 digital inputs to issue external commands and 2 digital outputs to report the device status via electrical signals.

The following table describes the input and output signals.

Digital I/O



This input works as a Connection mode, also referred as selector key input. By default, the status of this input is ignored. When the router is configured to handle the input, it can be used to externally control the connection to the server. The input can be defined by a mechanical selector, by a key selector, or by a controller output.


This input allows the device to be restarted externally using a command. The operation corresponds to physically pressing the Reset button. Power to the router must be interrupted for at least 10 seconds to reset the device. Once the command is received a proper indicator is returned by the status LED.


The output turns active when Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router is connected to the FactoryTalk Remote Access domain. Note that the simple connection to the FactoryTalk Hub does not activate the output, Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router is required to be successfully authenticated to the domain.


The output is active when at least one FactoryTalk Remote Access session is connected to the Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router.