How to create a subdomain#

Subdomain are segments of a domain that can be managed by different administrators. This is useful if you are collaborating with different vendors or if you have a variety of different operations using FactoryTalk Remote Access.

To create a subdomain

  1. Log in to the base domain with an administrator account.

  2. Create sub-folders as needed to establish the required subdomains.

  3. Add the user accounts for the local administrators of each subdomain to Admin group of each sub-folders.

  4. Select the subdomain folder and then select the administrator user account from the permissions list.

  5. Confirm that the administrator user account has Administration permissions to the folder.

When the local administrator signs in to FactoryTalk Remote Access they will only be able to work with the sub-folder they have ben granted permission to. They will not be able to see the other folders that were created by the domain administrator. However, within the folder they administer they will have full control and be able to add user accounts, groups, devices, and additional sub-folders as necessary.