Getting Started with FactoryTalk Vault#

FactoryTalk Vault is the secure storage space provided with FactoryTalk Hub. FactoryTalk Vault is a scalable, easy to configure asset management system that can be used for collaboration, backup and recovery, and version control of your automation projects. Upload projects to FactoryTalk Vault and then analyze and upgrade them to later software versions. To get started, set up your MyRockwell account and login.


Your Login is composed of your user name and your company domain.

Verify account#

Before you can access a FactoryTalk Vault your account must be verified. Please make sure that the information provided is accurate and that we can reach you using either the email address or phone number to provide you a verification code. Account verification is automated and should occur within 5 minutes of completion of the service sign-up.


Verification emails come from the sender If you have not received the verification email please check that the email was not blocked by junk or spam filters.

If you encounter problems with account verification, please visit the Account Support Center.

Your account is assigned to vaults that enable you to effective manage control assets and their configurations separate and secure from other assets. Vaults provide a convenient way for you to securely archive your files in one place, grouped by project, that are ready to use.


FactoryTalk Hub services have not been deployed to all regions yet. If you are connecting from a region outside of North or South America, the upload, download, and service performance speed might be reduced.

After logging in you can:

  • Create a solution

  • Add a project

  • View the project analysis

  • Upgrade single or upgrade multiple projects


If you encounter any difficulties, visit the Troubleshooting section for solutions to common issues.

Create a solution#

Your vault contains a default solution, use the following procedure to create additional solutions.

  1. From your vault, click the drop-down arrow next to ADD.

  2. Select Create Solution.

  3. In the Create Solution dialog box complete these items:

    • Name - Required. The name must be unique and be between 1 and 200 characters

    • Description - Optional.

The solution appears in the navigation pane of your vault.

Add a project#

  1. From your vault navigation pane, select the solution in which you want to store the project.

  2. In the vault content pane, click the drop-down arrow next to ADD.

  3. Select Add Project.

  4. In Add Projects, select the project file to upload to the vault using either of these methods:

    • From File Explorer, select the project file and then drag the file to the Add Projects window and drop it in the space provided.

    • Click Select Files to display the File Upload dialog box where you can navigate to the file, select the file, and then click Open.


    Press the Crtl key while selecting project files to upload multiple projects.

  5. (optional) Click the plus (+) icon to add a note about this upload and then click the check mark icon to save the note.

  6. After adding the projects you want to upload, select Save to start the upload.

Notifications appear to inform you of the status of the project upload. Once all components are uploaded Upload complete message displays.

View analysis#

  1. From the Controller Projects page select the project for which you want to view the analysis information.

  2. Click View Analysis. The service analyzes the project. The initial analysis takes a few seconds to process.

  3. The Analysis page displays. Several panels displayed in the page that provide details of the about each component of the project. For reference information about each panel, see Analysis

  4. Click View Details on any analysis panel for which you want to see additional information.


When you view the analysis details for a card, you can export the data to either a CSV file or an Excel file.

Each analysis card has different sections that represent different data categories.

Upgrade projects#

Select projects from your vault to upgrade them from their existing design software version to a later version. You can convert individual or multiple projects.

To upgrade projects

  1. In the project list, select the checkboxes for the projects you want to upgrade.

  2. In the vault toolbar, select Upgrade.

  3. In Upgrade Logix Project, under Select Logix Version, choose the design software version you want to upgrade the project to.

  4. If you want to change the controller type, in the project details click the down arrow next to Select Controller Type and choose the new controller type.


    Changing the controller type will change, delete, and/or invalidate controller properties and other project data that is not valid for the new controller type.

  5. Select CONTINUE to start the upgrade.

  6. In Review Warnings, confirm the project name, the upgrade selected, and the impact of the controller type change if selected. To continue, select UPGRADE.

During upgrade, the project status is Upgrading. Once the upgrade is complete, the project status will change to Ready.

Sign out#

When you are done working in FactoryTalk Hub, sign out to close your session.