Keyboard Shortcuts#

If you prefer navigating the interface with the keyboard, here are some tips to help you move efficiently.

  • Select the arrow keys to move up, down, left, and right within the grid.

  • Select Ctrl + the left arrow key to move to select the end of the row.

  • Select Ctrl + the right arrow key to move to the beginning of the row.

  • Select the Page up key to move up an entire screen.

  • Select the Page down key to move down an entire screen.

  • Expand groups by moving to the group item and then selecting the Enter key.

  • Edit an item in the grid by moving to the item and then selecting the Enter key. Some items are read-only.

  • Select the Spacebar to select an entire row.

  • Move the focus to the column headers to access sorting and filtering. When in the header row:

    • Select the Spacebar to toggle the header checkbox to show or hide the column.

    • Select the Enter key to toggle the sorting state of the column.

    • Select Ctrl + the Enter key to open the menu for that header.

    • Select Esc to close the menu.