Controller Task Model Analysis Details#

The Controller Task Model analysis dashboard displays the tasks scheduled in the different programs of your project.

The Controller Task Model analysis dashboard categorizes the tasks in your project:

  • Continuous — A task that runs continuously (that is, in the background), from top to bottom, through all its assigned programs, unless interrupted by another task. Limited to only one per project.

  • Periodic — A task run at a fixed interval.

  • Unscheduled — Tasks that are not scheduled and do not run during the program.

  • Controller Handler — Tasks that instruct the controller how to address any faults that occur during the operation of the program.

You can sort and filter the data in this dashboard. If you want to see the information in a different order, you can reorder the columns in the data table by dragging and dropping them as needed. To help you move around the analysis details page quickly, use keyboard shortcuts.