Upgrade Multiple Projects#

After uploading your projects to the FactoryTalk Vault, you can upgrade them to different Logix versions and different controller types.

To upgrade multiple projects#

  1. From the vault navigation pane, select the solution.

  2. From the project list, select the checkboxes for the projects you want to upgrade.

  3. From the vault toolbar, select Upgrade.

  4. From the Upgrade Logix Project page in the Select Logix Version pull-down list, choose the version of Logix controller to upgrade to.

  5. Select the checkboxes for the projects to upgrade.

  6. (optional) In the Select Controller Type pull-down list choose the controller catalog number to upgrade the project to.

  7. Review Warnings displays the impact of the upgrade of the project. Review the warning carefully.

    • Select Upgrade to continue with the upgrade process.

    • Select Cancel to stop the upgrade process.

The status of the projects changes to Upgrading. Notification messages appear to inform you of the upgrade process. Once the upgrade has completed, the project status changes to Ready if the project upgraded successfully. If problems were encountered in the upgrade, the status changes to Error.