Edit Project Properties#

Project properties contain the name of the project and its description as well as a file history of your project from the time you uploaded it to FactoryTalk Design Hub. You can add notes to different versions of the project to track activity over time. You can also change which version of the project is primary (active) in the vault from project settings.

To edit project properties#

  1. From the vault, select the project. The Properties pane is displayed on the right side of the vault window.

  2. The properties panel sidebar opens with two tabs, Properties and History.

    • In Properties, you can change the name and description of the project by clicking on the Edit pencil pencil next to the item.

    • In File history, you can see the history of changes to the project since it was originally uploaded.

      • Select ADD NEW FILE to add another version of the project file to the history.

      • Select the Add icon add_ref next to the project to add a note to a version of the project.

      • Select the note icon note_ref next to the project to edit the note.

      • Select the option button option_button to make that version of the project the primary version in the vault.

  1. Select Save to apply the changes.


The SAVE button is enabled if there are unsaved changes. If you close the panel without saving the changes are discarded.