Internet Sharing#

FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime allows a device to share the Internet connectivityavailable through it’s network interface with other devices on the LAN subnet.

First, select the checkbox for the network that has internet access. If the network you want to share is not listed, click Refresh to query for additional networks.

To specify which devices can use the shared connection, under Allowed MAC addresses select:

  • Any: any device that can connect to the device will have access to the Internet.

  • Use Allow List: only devices whose MAC address is specified on the list will have access to the Internet. To create the Allow List type the MAC address to allow in the space provided and click Add. Repeat this process until you have added the MAC addresses for all the devices you want to allow to use the connection.

On the device that requires the Internet access you must set the default gateway of the interface connected to the LAN subnet with the IP address of the device on which FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime is running. If you needed the address resolution service, DNS servers should also be set up.

If the main Internet connectivity is provided via proxy you must configure the Internet options of the device which is using the sharing to use the same proxy server as well.

The network protocols supported by Internet sharing are TCP and UDP. Other network protocols (Eg: ICMP ping) are not supported.